Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday, 26 June 2016

July's Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge:

Hi - I had never intended to have a blog having been quite content to just follow other blogs, especially Hawthorn's. Some of you more eagle eyed bloggers may have noticed from my comments that I am her very proud mother.  She persuaded me to enter the first Scavenger Photo Hunt in April and then I was hooked!  As we were away on holiday my May entries were too late but anyone who wishes to see my 'Hairy' encounter with an elephant or my other interpretations of May titles can see them by using this link from Hawthorn's post

I have had fun once again searching through my archives to find pictures to fit some of these topics. A real walk along Memory Lane. Thanks Hawthorn.


Reflections of  bare trees along the River Wharf at Bolton Abbey, Skipton, look almost like skeletal hands. 


Are these stripes in the sky the result of  contrails or strange cloud formations?  View out of our side window.


I wonder where this secret path leads?  Taken in 2005 this is Youngest grandson dwarfed by the butterbur leaves.  Today he could just step over them!


A gorgeous giant poppy on our neighbours decking.  I just had to sneak on and take a picture.


What better contrast than black and white.  I found this display of zebra related articles in Boundary Mills, Colne, this morning.  Not sure I would want a zebra on my stapler though.


This very sad and lonely but beautifully soft teddy was sitting on a shop counter.  He had been left but I am sure not forgotten by some child earlier in the day. 


This picture  speaks for itself!!


We see all sorts of things outside our lounge window and I always have my camera at the ready.  This poor chap looks so cold battling again the blizzard.  Where was he going? How much further till he reached home?


This lovely rustic seat deep in long grass was photographed in the gardens above Fountains Abbey, Rippon, Yorkshire. 

Quite the opposite is this strange memorial seat in the square in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.  It is huge, not only high but very deep.  It is in memory of the founder of the local florist shop opposite and is decorated with cut out flowers and  daffodils adorning the legs but is rather OTT!! 

Own choice 

Jak sitting in neighbours' bathroom window. He had managed to get himself locked in and was demanding that we let him out!  No such luck - he had to wait till she came home!