Thursday, 31 August 2017

August 2017 Photo Scavenger Hunt

I must say I found this selection quite challenging at first but eventually found relevant photographs. 

I am once again joining in with Hawthorn's photo treasure hunt - to see her blog and links to other people who are taking part click  here

1. Relaxed    

What can be more relaxed that a hot cat sleeping in front of a fan?  Our old cat Jak always lay this way in front of the fan and gas heater on cooler days.  I had so many pictures of him in this position I had a job to select one.  We would position the pouffe with his bedding on top in front of the fan for him.  

2. It begins with an M

In April this year I was horrified to find this leather handbag that had belonged to my mother absolutely covered in Mould. I hurriedly googled how to clean the bag and after following the instructions and then hanging it outside in the sun it was completely cleaned.  It is a lovely old bag from the 1950's  that I have kept but never used. It is beautifully lined in calf leather and I was so relieved when I managed to get it back to its normal look. No idea why this happened as it had been stored in the same cupboard for years.  I will keep a closer eye on it in future. 

3. Time for... Tea  (with a difference)

Last August we made a birthday tea for our daughter-in-law Jenn but instead of the usual scones and cake we covered the table with platters of fruit, all cut up and ready for eating and served it with two tubs of delicious icecream, one each end of the table. There was even a token cake candle in the centre of the arrangement on the cake stand in the foreground.

The sunny tablecloth had been painted by Jenn's mother whilst we were all in South Africa. Nice to use it in memory of Marian. 

It was a fun afternoon and although it looks a lot of work Jenn and I only spent time in the morning cutting and arranging it all.  It was a great success.  Last August was hot and sunny and this was a very suitable tea party not a cool month like this year.

4. Tangerine 

I must admit that when I first read this title I was immediately taken back to the music played by Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra from 1942 musical - The Fleet's In.  
My father played it on his piano in my youth and we would have heard it on the radio.  For those who may remember or curious hear it the link is here 

We have not adjusted to the English names for all the different 'easy peelers' in the supermarket as we have stuck to the Southern African name for the fruit - naartjie.  That is why fruit was not my immediate reaction to the word.  Anyway, I finally got it right and here is a bowl of lovely tangerine coloured Clementines. 

5. It begins with an O...  for overkill!

This is a picture taken of my paternal grandmother Annie Eliza.  Not only is she wearing the height of fashion of the times possibly 1920's but obviously flapper fashions had not reached her in Eastbourne. Then to crown it all she is wearing a fox skin cape, complete with head and tail.  Definitely Overkill.

6. Whiskery

Sorry to use dear Jak again but he had such a splendid set of whiskers that I had no option. He is sleeping on the apex of our garden shed, a favourite place of his.

7. Lace

This category gave me a lot of trouble. I don't own anything lacy, not clothing, table linen, nothing.  Then whilst searching for inspiration amongst our old photographs I found this. 

Again it is of Annie Eliza but this time looking younger and far more glamorous, holding my father and both her blouse and my father's dress (those were the days when all babies wore dresses) are covered in lace.  This I know was taken in l907 as my father is obviously a few months old.  Poor chap, that is a splendid curl on top of his head.  I love the way these old photographs are always mounted on embossed card, maybe because nobody owned cameras in those days and they were always professionally taken and as for that is gorgeous, obviously belonging to the photographic studio. 

8. Bridge 

This picture is of Abbot's Harbour Bridge, West Martin, Lancashire.  It is a favourite place of ours as it has a lovely old tea room/restaurant and lovely walks along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.  I love the way the new bridge was just built over the old.  I see it was taken in 2011, when eldest was still only a little guy with long blonde hair.  He is walking with B, his proud grandfather.

9. Letters

This was another category that had me puzzled but then last week as I was walking through the village of Earby I saw this child's set of numbers and letters in the window of a second hand shop.  Eureka ....there were my letters.  Sorry about the reflection in the window - it was difficult to avoid.

10. My own choice

Last month I shared my secret garden which is down below on the left, between the flat and this upper garden.  We are lucky that we are the end flat so do not block anyone's access to their parking area and we have just added a few pots, then a few more, a greenhouse, trellis, a 'alittlement' (opposite of allotment, Hawthorn's description), trees in large pots, a couple of Topsy, it just growed!! (quote from Uncle Tom's Cabin) The picture below is a panorama picture I took but is rather small on this page so I have put it into a collage for more detail.  We get much pleasure out of our garden though it does take a lot of watering.....all 115 pots of varying sizes)