Friday, 29 May 2020

May 2020 Photo Hunt

Another strange month.  Fortunately we have had wonderful weather making it easy to be out in the garden. But I feel for those people who live in flats or houses with no garden.  We live near an A road and it has been wonderful having very little traffic.  Makes the air feel cleaner and fresher and the birdsong seems louder all around us. We usually have a criss cross pattern of contrails above us in the sky but now most days we have only seen one or two.  No wonder the air is cleaner and the sky a deeper blue.

I have drawn my pictures from my archives again as we have been at home now for 9 weeks. 


I have had this picture for years waiting for the right time to use it and at last I can.   I am not telling what the picture is, see if you can guess. 


Many shapes can be found in nature and here is a good example.  With a bit of imagination the stripes on the shoulder of this zebra form a triangle.

and how about the giraffe's necks and legs, more triangles.

                                and here is a genuine triangle and a rectangle together in this sign.


            Eldest grandson having wonderful fun in our bird bath in Kiepersol, South Africa in 2000. 

My Own Choice

Continuing with the theme of shapes I have another circle.  This was Ben our German Shepherd in South Africa.  He excelled at obedience and agility. Here he is framed by one of the agility hoops. 

Finally, the answer to my question, what is the subject of this photograph?

It happened completely by accident.  I was making a Chinese recipe and had to mix together oil and soy sauce and this is what happened before I mixed them together.  The liquid is in a stainless steel bowl.  Did you  guess it correctly?

Now off to see what everyone else has done this month.  Enjoy the good weather, long may it last.  Keep well and stay safe. 

Friday, 1 May 2020

April 2020 Photo Hunt

What another strange month this has been for all of us, I'm sure.  My husband B and I have not left our home since we last went shopping on Friday 13 March......ages ago.  So consequently all my pictures this month are from our favourite hobby, game watching on my computer. I've taken masses of photographs and now hope to select those that fit the headings.  So here goes.............

Positive about............. 

Sunrise heralding in a new day, fresh and full of hope.

Sunrise at Nkorho Game Reserve

Makes me smile .................

Animal babies can be as amusing as human babies and have just the same sort of fun.
Here is a baby elephant having a mud bath at Tau game reserve.

and this made me smile too............I can just imagine this baby warthog asking his mother whether he will grow up to look just as beautiful as her - talk about warts and all!! 

Warthogs in Kwa Marikane Game Reserve

Relaxing with .........

We watch Africam all day until I switch off at bedtime and even if game viewing is poor we can count of watching baboons all relaxed and sleeping in each others arms. Not sure if it is out of love or making sure they don't fall out of the huge wild fig trees that line the Sabie River where they sleep high up in the canopy where the branches of the trees are thinner so keeping them safe from leopards. 

Baboons at Olifants River 

Busy with....................

Doing guard duty at sunset.  They are always on the watch out for leopard who hunt at night as baboons are a favourite meal.  

Baboons at Kwa Maritane Game Reserve

Happiness is......................

The cool of the evening after a day in the hot African sun.  In the northern regions of South Africa daytime temperatures can easily reach anything between 30 - 35 deg and even hotter mid summer.

Sunset at cat-EYE water hole.

My Own Choice 

This peaceful picture was taken at Tau, a new addition to the selection of waterholes around northern South Africa.  There is such a variety of game there where you can see giraffe, (did you know a herd of giraffe is called a Tower - I didn't till recently), wildebeest or gnu at the water's edge, water buck in the water eating water lilies in spite of a resident crocodile, and assorted water birds.  We have also seen wild dogs, kudu, impala and hartebeest (or tsessebi) antelope, Cape buffalo,  masses of elephants more than we could count,  baboons, vervet monkeys, ostrich and many waterbirds such as spoon bill, cormorants, herons - grey and white, Hammerkop, shelducks, and so many others I can't think of them all.  Kwa Maritane has a resident hippo who usually spends the day in the water before going off to find some good grazing when its dark. 

and just to end the day another of my favourites..................

PS   ........In case anyone of you would like to watch live game water holes in this time of incarceration or would like to amuse children, the web site is That will take you to their home site where there are sample videos.  Click on Live Channels and you can see what is happening at the different sites, there are 8 to choose from. Or try this link. Africam Live Channels .  But be warned, as anyone who has been game watching will know, there are times when you see nothing at all. It may be too hot and the game is resting in the shade, or lions or leopards have been down for a drink and frightened off the game for a few hours. You need to  be patient.  If you do check out Africam you may find as much pleasure as we do. 

Now to check out what everyone else has done this month.  Cheers.