Friday, 28 June 2019

June 2019 Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Merry Month of May was not too merry, soggy would be a better description and June not very flaming.  So this month I am using as many sunny, warm pictures as possible.

The list is interesting again with Notice, Spotted, Begins with a K, Cobweb and Step being the given titles and then My Own Choice too. So here goes........


B and I took our car to a local garage to have the wheels aligned.  It had been described as an old family business and what an interesting place it turned out to be; an old workshop in amongst all the hideous shiny units, all uninteresting, boring and identical.   We handed over the car and keys and went to pass the time in the waiting room.  It had a high desk with one of those counters that lift up to allow people to pass through and the lower part of that had a well used swing door with a gap at the bottom.  There sticking out, gazing longingly at us, were two pairs of eyes, two hairy noses and a blue ball.  Unfortunately I did not take the first photograph quickly enough as Molly the Collie wanted to play and I kicked the ball back to her and the spaniel moved away.  

After playing with Molly the Collie for a while I read the notice stuck on the door and quickly took out my camera to take a picture of it.  Just what I needed for this prompt. The dog in the photograph is Molly the Collie.

Here is her friend and partner in crime peeping under the swing door, waiting her turn. 

But now I had started something.  Molly was let out to join us and entertained us for the full half hour it took to get the wheels aligned. She even asked the Postman who called in to throw her ball and of course he obliged!

Who needed magazines to read when a dog and ball was supplied!!


Look what we spotted!!  This photograph was taken at the Hoedspruit Cheetah Project and Breeding Centre where they take in young orphaned cheetahs and rehabilitate them so they could be returned to the wild.  Unfortunately some had been kept as pets before being given to the park so could not be returned to the wild. They had huge enclosures to enable them to live as normal a life as possible. Some, like this one, were tame and had been used in commercials and other photo shoots. She had been lying right next to the fence and when we spoke to her she purred just like a domestic cat but a hundred times louder!!  

It begins with a .......K

We were game watching but this Klipspringer was people watching that day.  He had a good vantage point here.  Klipspringer translates from Afrikaans as Rock Leaper.   It is one of the smallest antelope only about 24 in (60 cms) and its coat is good camouflage for its usual rocky habitat where it jumps from rock to rock on its little hooves.  It is nocturnal and rests up during the heat of the day so we were lucky to see this one out in the open.

Reading the distances here reminds me how large the Kruger National Park is, we had come 15 kms from the rest camp at Skukuza  (approx 10 miles) and still had 26 kms (just over 17 miles to Tshokwane which was just a safe rest point where you could get out of your car. There were toilets, shady sites, a small shop selling cold drinks and snacks and was about half way to the next rest camp.  As the speed limit was 30 mph on tar roads and 25 miles per hour on gravel  it was a long journey but always made enjoyable by seeing  the game in their natural habitat. 

I just had to include this lovely picture of a male Kudu, the antelope used as the logo for the KNP. I have used it before but felt I just had to have him here too. (Of course, he also begins with K)


This cobweb picture was taken many years ago.  It reminds me that Eldest, now 21, called them pasta webs when he was a toddler!! 

Step  (Ladder)

This picture is self explanatory!  I just stood and laughed, fetched my camera and took a few pictures of B standing in his spilled paint, trying to get it off his trousers, shoes and the step using the roller.  We had fortunately rolled back the carpet.  No paper or cloth down, though I must say in his defence, that B never spills or even splashes when he paints - well almost never!!  I was in the dog box for laughing and not helping!!

My Own Choice

I had searched and searched all my archive pictures as I knew I had this one somewhere and I wanted to use it for 'Notice' ..... eventually I found it in 'Back up' on my Tablet then remembered it must have been one of those I lost from my computer when Dropbox made some changes.  By then I had taken and used the pictures of Molly the Collie. But as I might not get the opportunity to use the picture again I have made it My Own Choice for this month.  

The sign was in the window of the local 'Pensioners' club and I just could not resist taking a picture.  I took it in 2016 - it is still there but very faded.

Now I'm off to check what everyone else has done this month.