Thursday, 24 September 2020

September 2020 Photo Hunt

I can't believe how time is flying.  Autumn is here, leaves are turning and even falling already.  Hope winter flies past as quickly and we can look forward to spring............

Words for this month are Seasonal, Favourite seat/place to sit, Comforting/cosy, Micro/mini//teeny/tiny/, Delightful/delighted and then My Own Choice.   Here is my selection.


Rain drops on the cotoneaster outside our kitchen window.

Favourite seat

We bought this bench about 18 years ago from a second hand shop.  The  rotten wood needed replacing so we changed it from a 3ft seat to a 6ft one.  The centre 'seat' was commandeered by our black cat Jak. As soon as we sat down on it he would jump between us.  We then started taking a few 'munchies' out with us if we were having a brew.  It soon became the teatime ritual.  Tea for B, coffee for me and munchies for Jak.   It is not a pretty bench in a shady part of the garden but to us it is special.  We still call it Jak's bench even though  he has sadly been long gone.


I knitted a tea cosy for us then decided to make a larger one for the Community Centre large tea pot.  It was completely accidental that it was in Burnley Football Club colours. I never noticed it till someone pointed it out - Burnley is our nearest football team too!! 

I give up......each time I try to insert and centre the second tea cosy into the blog it disappears!  So take my word for it......It was huge!! 


Look hard and you will see there are three elephants in this picture. Perhaps I should name them Mini, Teeny and Tiny.  The largest one is only a youngster  herself - sort of big sister looking after the next two of her mother's offspring.  The water is very low in the waterholes and dozens and dozens of elephants are heading to either Tau or Tembe  at Africam  in their hoards.  I have never seen such large herds.  The trouble is the big elephants trample the water's edge to soft mud.  Now instead of bathing in the water they are rolling in the mud.  It does help keep off the biting flies.

My Own Choice

My own choice this month is again from Africam web page.   Some of you may remember the hippo that would lie in the water with terrapins on his back.  Well they have been evicted by the new tenants - a pair of Egyptian Geese.  They are there nearly all night only getting off when the hippo goes out of the water to graze.  

Now off to see other's interpretation of Kate's choice of words.  Take care everyone and keep safe during these trying times.