Tuesday, 14 February 2017

14 February 2019 - Heartathon

Valentines Day - our special day since I met up again with my husband on my 18th birthday. We had known each other since our school days in today's Zambia - my boyfriend was a friend of his and his girlfriend was a friend of mine and we all belonged to one happy crowd of what today would be called teenagers.  He left school and moved to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) to join the British South Africa Police and my parents were transferred to Salisbury (Harare) just as I was leaving school two years later.  I attended the local polytechnic to do a secretarial course.  Come my 18th birthday I had quite a few girl friends but knew very few boys.  I remembered that he and two friends had joined the police so no problem my mother sent invitations to them c/o police headquarters.  He tells me that his Officer in Charge called him in to his office to say orders from HQ - he had a birthday party he had to attend!!  Only my mother would do it that way!!  The other two school friends were stationed in other parts of the country. 

He rang to confirm he would be coming and I asked him to bring more police friends with him.  Come the evening of the party he arrived, alone. I did not even let him in, I just asked where his promised friends were and sent him back to his police station the other side of the city to come back with more guys!!  Amazingly he did, we went on our first date the next day........and the rest is history. So now, 57 Valentine's Days later, we have been married for 55 years this year.

I bought this card after we had been married about 6 or so years.  We then started a tradition of using the same card each year, with a single heart representing each year.  I did add extra hearts at the time to make the record correct.  So each February it comes out with a lovely bunch of red roses and a we have special dinner that night.

Monday, 13 February 2017

13th February, 2017 - Heartathon

I have had these little hearts for a few years now.  They are part of a group that hang on the side of my wardrobe; I have used some of them in this Heartathon already.  But these are amongst my favourites.  The two crocheted ones Hawthorn made for me many years ago and the beautiful felt heart she gave  me a few Christmases back. I love the off centre hole and the gorgeous glass beads - they always look like some gorgeous sweets to me. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

12 February 2017 - heartathon

 Some years ago, while on holiday in Northumberland, we were walking along a rather deserted beach when we saw a couple standing on a rock, taking pictures of something on the ground.  Curious, we waited till they had gone then went to investigate........and this is what we found.   It was all picked out in shells and pebbles, must have taken ages to make.  What an original wedding invitation! 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

11th February, 2017 - heartathon

Other bloggers have found hearts on their fridge magnets.  I too searched mine but to no avail. I have quite a few that Hawthorn and Jenn have given me over the years.   Then yesterday I looked casually again and there was one, right in front of my eyes - don't know how I missed it before, though it is very small.  I am sure you can see it too.

This fridge magnet is quite small and was given to me by my daughter-in-law years ago.  I had since put two metal bookmarks she gave me into the little holder.  The butterfly was quite happy to pose for my photograph but the chameleon was quite obstinate and insisted in leaning over.  I could either see his face or his tail, not both!!

Friday, 10 February 2017

10th February 2017 - Heartathon

Many years ago, whilst our son and daughter-in-law were still living in South Africa, Jenn embroidered this border on a hand towel for my mother who was delighted with it as it was covered in cats, each one different.  It is now mine and I use it all the time and only noticed a couple of days ago that the red background in the centre circle is actually made up of four hearts.  Maybe we are becoming more 'heart conscious' at the moment!  I will offer the excuse that it is usually folded in half longways over the towel rail right through the hearts in the centre. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

9th February 2017 - Heartathon

Some years ago now, Hawthorn kindly gave me a large quantity of lace making bobbins that had belonged to her mother-in-law.  I shared them with my daughter-in-law who loved them as much as I did and I even had two old sherry glasses that seemed very suitable to hold them. When going round the house looking for hearts I suddenly remembered that there were a pair of glass hearts on these bobbins. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

8th February 2017 - Heartathon

Once again I am going to nature to supply a heart for today.  A few years back I had some tulips in a vase on our sideboard which were actually a bit past it.  I came into the lounge in the morning and there was a beautiful heart petal lying beside the vase.  I could not resist photographing it – must have known I would need a heart picture at a later date.