Friday, 31 January 2020

January 2020 Photo Treasure Hunt

Greetings and best wishes for 2020.  It may be a bit late when you read this but as we are expecting our nephew and his wife from Australia for a couple of days at the end of the month I thought I'd better be organised early.  We have not seen them since 1981 and even though I do follow her fb page  we will  have a lot of catching up to do.

I  have a file labelled 'poss.pix for t.hunt' and whenever I see something odd or different amongst my photographs I store it in there.  I have been looking for a particular photograph for ages and thought it was LOST  but while sorting through some old PRINTS  there it was. I had FOUND it.   I think you can see a pattern here - I've already used 3 of the prompts.  This made me decide to see if I could do them all legitimately using only one photograph.

MY OWN CHOICE  is this photograph of our daughter-in-law,  a geologist.  It was taken in 2001 at the Saxondrift mine near Kimberly in South Africa where they were prospecting for diamonds.

IT STARTS WITH AN 'M'......It is a Massive, Magnificient piece of Mining equipment.

IT ENDS WITH A 'T'.   It really is a gianT piece of equipmenT. The scoop  of the excavator takes about 10 tonnes at a time.

My son was only able to take this picture of his wife as it was the driver's LUNCH break. 

Now  you see I have used all the prompts on one picture and this is it.  I have also used this picture with a Lovely Lady in mind who has Threads through her Life.  She could do with a little digger like this to dig drains in her soggy field.

PS.  I may  have used that bit about LUNCH break just to fit the prompt.  It's not cheating if you own up to it?

Now off to check what lovely photographs others have used.