Thursday, 26 April 2018

April Photo Treasure Hunt

This month is going to be different.  For a start I have had a photographic assistant, known to us all as Kate!  I have had Total Knee Replacement Surgery and not been out and about as usual.  So on one of her visits to me in the beautiful Gisburne Park Hospital I gave her my phone and the list of headings and asked her to go around the hospital and take suitable photographs for me.  So it may be cheating a little which is why I have confessed to it now.

Gisburne Park is an 18th century country house set in 1000 acres of parkland in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire.  It is a Grade 1 listed building built in 1727 and now used as a Hospital.  It is full of beautiful mouldings and a very grand staircase......I love a grand staircase!    The waiting room is so luxurious.


There were so many swirls it was hard to choose from Kate's photographs but in the end I settled on this one. part of a swirling banister.


This particular moulding caught Kate's eye as the little cherubs were sitting on rocks.  There were so many of these gorgeous panels everywhere.  I would love to be able to explore all the public rooms.


There were a lot of beautifully carved wooden banisters and door and window surrounds but the delicacy of this twirl of wood in with this dainty orchid appealed to Kate.  Only now that I  have inserted the picture I have noticed the carved skirting board behind it.


I was sitting wondering what to use for Letter as Kate had not been able to find anything suitable when I noticed one of my crutches lying beside me had a small label I had not noticed before.  It said on the side......Simply Mad............that's me - Simply Mad!!   I then looked again carefully at the label and realised I had misread ONE LETTER of the word and it was Simply Med, not Simply Mad!!  One letter and the whole meaning changed.


Tucked away beneath a staircase was a scale - what a good picture for balance.

My Own Choice

What to choose...............a photograph of the beautiful Georgian building......

..............or a picture of the domed ceiling in the Round Room which had an amazing fireplace and not to mention a wonderful modern help yourself coffee machine!!  

 ........................or perhaps a picture of one of the delicious meals I was served on a lovely velvety looking black tray with a round tactile condiment set and a good quality paper serviette in a silver serviette ring.  The meals were delicious and the menu extensive.  I kept saying I did not want to go home, the food was too good!  Sausage and mash with Cornish Ice cream and a pot of tea.

So now you see why I have put more than one picture in this section.

PS - I was not a private patient but one on the NHS.