Friday, 31 May 2019

May 2019 Scavenger Photo Hunt

Another month, another selection of interesting topics to search out.  As we were away in Scotland for a week this month I wanted to try and use original pictures, not so many from my archives.  So here is my interpretation of the titles.


We went to stay with our son and daughter-in-law and their two Labradors.  One day we went to Loch  Leven to give the dogs a run and a swim -  their best thing.  I am always amazed how all dogs here in the UK seem to get on with one another.  At one point we had 12 dogs running and playing together and our two labs were the only duplicates of a breed.  There was a Hungarian Vizsler, Border Collie, Spaniel, Basset, Grey Hound and various other dogs.  It was mayhem but fun to watch!!

I saw a suitable seat as we walked to the Loch but there were people  around it and when we returned a couple were sitting there having their lunch.  But then I found this beautiful bench but it was not overlooking the Loch, rather facing the farm field in the distance.

The spider on the side was so beautifully carved that I had to take a more detailed photograph of it.

View from the seat

The seat was facing away from Loch Leven overlooking farm fields and distant hills, also a lovely view, just not what I had planned.


             Fish and chips in a restaurant in Seahouses, Northumberland, taken a few years ago.

Starts with a P

Nearby our son and daughter-in-law's house is this little Park and Playground.  It seems like a quiet corner of green but just behind that row of trees is a huge Supermarket!


Some years back we took our grandsons to see the Motor Museum in the Lake District.  It has the most amazing selection of vintage cars as well as a replica of Donald Campbell's Blue Bird speed boat.

My own choice

This  picture was taken from Stirling Castle towards the William Wallace Monument, an imposing Victorian tower built to honour the Scottish hero.  We visited it last time we were in Scotland. It was quite a walk to the top but fortunately  a mini bus was on hand to take up those who did not want the climb.

                           That's it for May. Now off to look at all the other photographs.