Friday, 29 November 2019

November 2019 Photo Treasure Hunt

It will teach me not to leave finding photographs to fit the titles till the last minute - my computer wont let me access my stored photographs.  No idea why.  So what you are seeing are odd pictures I put on my blog page earlier in the month.  I normally do this then delete the ones I don't want and put in the description.
So please forgive my limited entries this month.

Seasonal  View

Autumn colours in the grounds of Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire.


A few years ago we awoke one morning to loud knocking on our  front door  after a very windy night. It was our son.  He had taken his dogs out early and seen  glass on the ground glinting in the sunshine. Not only were many panes of glass shattered but all the bubble wrap I always line the greenhouse with to help keep it warm was all ripped and everything blown over.  We do live in a very windy area so we replaced the glass with PVC panels which still blow out, but don't break.

Sea Shore

A view across the deserted beach on the far side of Lindisfarne or Holy Island in Northumberland.


What has more stripes than a couple of zebras?  I love the way the little foal is almost camouflaged
standing beside her mother.

My own choice

Our grand dog Roxy doing what she loves - lying in the snow.  This was taken some years ago, now she is a rather rheumatic old lady who survived a major illness,

Well that's all I can manage this month.  I will have to sort out my computer problem - well at least try.  Now to see what everyone else has done. 

As this is our last photo hunt for the year I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and the best for the New Year.