Thursday, 26 November 2020

November 2020 Photo Hunt.

 Another month, another interesting set of words set by Kate.  I found it hard this month as I still have not been able to retrieve my lost photographs.


I have a beautiful  Anthurium Andraenum  which I bought as a small pot plant from a car boot sale years ago.  It is now enormous even though I took out a large piece for a friend a few months ago.  It has not stopped flowering since I first got it and it usually has at least ten or more flowers at a time. Before I split it it had as many as twenty two.  I have just had to move it from its usual spot in front of the window as B has been complaining he can't see the TV around it!!   

My second choice is a miniature Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) though mine never flowers at Christmas, I see this picture was taken in June. 


I'm sure this bicycle tyre would count as a 'ring'.  This picture is of Ben, B's display dog and a wonderful pet.  I have used a picture of him  jumping through a few rings of fire in an earlier post.


We have been to St Abbs many time and the tide is always out.  So all my photographs show the fishing boats down almost on the bottom. 


This last month we have had scaffolding up around the building while new gutters have been fitted to our building.  As it was right outside our windows, front and back, we have had to keep our curtains closed as the workmen were working right outside our windows.  Thankfully it is down at last.  

This is the view from our kitchen window.  You can see our bird feeder suctioned onto the window but we had to take it down.  We use it to feed the tits and the occasional dove who has worked out how to balance on the very narrow windowsill.  But now this same dove brought all his friends and relations to feed from the nut feeder as they could just stand on the scaffolding planks and take all the nuts. 


We have gorgeous views out of our window; clear skies, mist drifting through the trees, stormy skies, beautiful sunsets, so I was spoilt for choice - well I would have been if I could find my missing photographs.   

Sun setting over Weets hill.

But I prefer the moody cloudy skies. 

My Own Choice 

This month I have been helping make decorations for the church Christmas tree.  I thought I make something new for me and after searching the web I settled on these paper angels.  I made 16 in the end.  Kate helped out by donating some beautiful wooden decorations she had painted.  These pictures were of my trial ones, I forgot to take a picture of the finished angels.

Some of Kate's beautiful wooden painted stars and  hearts.  

That's it for this month.  I would like to wish all bloggers and those reading this post a very Happy, Safe and blessed Christmas and hopefully and much better 2021.