Friday, 31 August 2018

August 2018 Scavenger Hunt

August seems to have brought the end of our lovely summer.  Had more grey days this month. Must not complain. We have had a beautiful summer.

 Had fun selecting pictures for this months' selection though after the first when I had both titles in one picture I thought I'd see if I could find pictures for both words each time, just for fun.  Thanks Kate for making us thing twice as hard!!

1.    Tea/Tee

I could not decide which to choose so have used both words for this prompt.

PS  Other Supermarket brands are available.!!

2.    Thyme/time

Last month I struggled to find a suitable picture for 11 o'clock and when I looked at pictures taken during our week in Scotland  I noticed this very handsome clock in Dunfermline. Says a couple of minutes past 11 so a pity I did not have this picture then..

These were my mother's spice jars and I love them.  I have broken one but fortunately not the one with Thyme on it.

3.    Aisle/Isle

This is the beautiful aisle down the centre of York Minster.  Quite awe inspiring.

The isle of Lindisfarne (or Holy Island) is in the distance.  You can see the castle and lime kilns. Picture taken from the mainland north of  Bamburgh. 

4.    Fairy/ferry

During our recent visit to Scotland we went to see the Kelpies - shape shifting mythical fairy horses.
They are part of The Helix, a large water park honouring the horses as the power houses of the early industrial revolution, pulling the barges along the Forth and Clyde canal.
The Kelpies were modelled on two one and a half tonne Clydesdale horses that Andy Scott, the artist, chose as his models. Their names were Duke and Baron.
Excuse the rain drops on the camera lens. To enjoy these beautiful horses, click on the photograph to make it full screen.

Echo the great beasts that work among us. 
Unbridled in this kingdom between canal and firth
Here to harness the river and carry each weary traveller.
Bow down your strong heads to taste the water.
Stretch up your long necks to face the sun.

Jim Carruth.

Taken on the Ferry that crosses Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

5.   Flour/Flower

This is my flour tin that I have had for years.  Bought in South Africa, hence the Afrikaans for Flour on the side.

This beautiful petunia was in my hanging baskets this year.  They were spectacular with a lovely scent too.  I have never seen such huge pretty petunias before.

6.    My own choice

There was something about this self sown poppy in this old terracotta jar and the flaking paint that caught my eye. So it may not be the most beautiful flower specimen but it certainly stands proud amongst all the other flowers in the garden.