Friday, 27 March 2020

March 2020 Photo Hunt.

What strange times we live in.  This time last month nobody had any idea how our lives would be changed. B and I are stuck at home, being well over 70, but Kate and her family are looking after us, doing our shopping and collecting medication.  What would we do without our family.  We have also been allocated a 'church buddy' who telephones to see how we are and if we need any help. 
Of course all this means no going out to look for photographs for the photo hunt, rather delving into my archives even more than usual.


This picture was taken in Kate's studio.  She had made the gorgeous scones with jam and cream and fruit cake for B's birthday. It was lovely sitting in her sunny studio with the family enjoying his birthday tea. 


I was stuck for Jazzy ideas until we were wandering around B&M and saw this very snazzy, jazzy wall art.



My flag is actually a flag stone.  My son and his wife found this beautiful little bird sanctuary, the RSPB Black Devon Wetlands within walking distance of their home.  It was full of gorgeous different art projects.  There were a number of these flag stones all around, all different, all nature themed.  I must admit to not having taken this picture, it is one they sent of their walk. 


When reading this prompt I immediately thought of these three terrapins sitting in the sun on the  back of a hippo at the Kwa Maritane game park in South Africa, one of those web cams I watch.  I take pictures of my computer screen with my smart phone so they are not always such a good quality.  This is something we have never seen before.

Just in case you are not sure if that really is a hippo and not a strange rock,  I have included a different picture showing one terrapin on a hippo which shows the hippo more clearly.

My own choice.

Mother's day was a strange one this year.  Like many of you bloggers we were 'grounded' and could not have our usual big cuddle from the family.  It was strange and sad.  There was a knock on our door and when we opened it there was this lovely bowl of primroses and cards along with a bottle of Worcestershire sauce, bread and sausages, shopping we had asked for. I wish I had taken a picture of them all on the door mat - it was the Worcestershire sauce standing next to the bowl of flowers that made me smile.

We did manage to chat to one another,  Kate's family stood outside the outer door to the passage of our flat and we stood at out own front door, well over 2 metres apart.  Better than nothing.  I do hope life normalises again.

That's all for now.  An odd collection of pictures but I must be honest, I left it too late, they need to go online tonight. 

Now off to see what all you other bloggers have done this month.