Friday, 30 November 2018

November 2018 photo scavenger hunt

I can't believe it is the end of November and Christmas is just a few weeks away.  Where has the year gone?  Once again Kate has set us an interesting set of words for our headings.  I hope to be able to think outside the proverbial box with most of them.

Post box

In most towns in South Africa there is no postal delivery, all mail goes to your 'P.O.Box' at your nearest post office.  In the background you can see some blue private post boxes. We each had our own keys and could collect post at our leisure.  But posting mail at Hazyview Post Office where we lived, is another thing. This picture was sent to me by friends in South Africa showing the post box - minus door!  One wonders why; did someone want to retrieve something they had posted, was a thief at work - the mind boggles!!


Seems like this decayed plank will need replacing.  A job for a warmer day perhaps.


Second-hand or second hand - it all depends on the presence or absence of a hyphen and interpretation.  This clock is definitely not second-hand , we bought it new - but it does have a second hand.  It is the most brilliant kitchen clock.  It is radio controlled so always correct and it even changed when the clocks went back, all by itself.  We were most impressed!


A photograph immediately came to mind when I read this word and when I asked B his reply was the same.  Not a strand of hair, or wool, but Bloubergstrand in the Cape or just the Strand as we knew it.  I'm sure you are all familiar with the famous view of Table Mountain, with or without its tablecloth on top but what you may not know the picture is it is always taken from round the other side of Table Bay at Bloubergstrand (which translates to Blue Mountain Beach named after nearby Blue Mountain).  When we used to visit the Cape where my parents were living we loved going to the beach there.  There was a little village with just a few houses.  Now it is a huge sprawling suburb of Cape Town.


I don't have picture of a sheep fold, or folding paper to hand but I did find this example of a fold of flab in my collection.  It was taken in a Private Game Reserve outside Amanzimtoti in Kwa Zulu Natal some years ago.  This orangutan was part of a breeding project which explains why he was so far from his home in Borneo.  But you must is a fabulous example of a fold!!  

My Own Choice

My scanner is suddenly not talking to my computer! Not sure why.  So I have had to use a photograph which I fortunately have on the PC sent to me by my friend in South Africa, so I am afraid it is two cheats this month, using my friend's photographs.  It is taken in one of the game parks in Northern Province.  What luck finding such a large family of lions just lying in the road.  

  As this is the last monthly scavenger hunt this year I would like to wish all of you a very Happy  Christmas and peaceful 2019.