Friday, 27 September 2019

September 2019 Photo Hunt

End of September already.  I can't believe how quickly the year is flying by.   Kate has given us a
really  autumnal selection of words this month.  Here are my selection.



My first thought for cosy was warm, glowing fires and as we don't have an open fire I remembered how our son and his wife's dogs, Jess and Roxy, took the warmest spot in front of the fire when we all went on holiday to Northumberland.

......................but then as I was searching for the photographs I came across this picture.  I had not even thought of this but when I saw it I thought.....yes...a cosy....a tea cosy.

Changing Foliage

We went for a lovely walk along the River Wharf  where it flows through the grounds of Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire.  The colours were amazing.  I had so many pictures to choose from but this one with the stark whiteness of the tree trunks against the autumnal colours caught my eye.


We were lucky there was a sculpture exhibition all along the walk and I just adored these birds on the rock.


Oh which one to choose.  I have many.  My favourite light weight ones hang on shower curtain hooks on a coat hanger and I have a drawer full of warm ones.  When the weather turns cold I have two favourite ones, both warm and cuddly, one from each of our families for Christmas over the last two years.


Frost on a cobweb on a leylandii hedge.

My Own Choice

There is something special about receiving a unexpected present, especially when it is so beautifully hand made.  This one was gifted to me by Susan Smith another blogger and faithful follower of Kate's blog.  It is  beautiful.  Thank you Susan.

Now to go and see who else has posted this month.