Sunday, 26 June 2016

June's Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge:

Hi - I had never intended to have a blog having been quite content to just follow other blogs, especially Hawthorn's.  Some of you more eagle eyed bloggers may have noticed from my comments that I am her very proud mother.  She persuaded me to enter the first Scavenger Photo Hunt in April and then I was hooked! We were going on holiday in May so I sent my photographs in nice and early but unfortunately I did something to them and Hawthorn could not download them to her blog.  By the time we got home and I re-sent them it was really too late.  (Anyone who may be interested in seeing my interpretation on last month's titles can see them by scrolling down below June's entries.)  

Saturday June 26 2016

June Photo Scavenger Hunt



We normally go on holiday to Northumberland in autumn but this year were there in spring so it was a pleasant surprise to see this familiar view of  the fields approaching  Bamburgh Castle a brilliant yellow of flowering rape. 



My daughter-in-law is a geologist and has the most beautiful stones around her home. I was spoilt for choice but eventually settled for this  huge purple fluorite standing on a coaster on her coffee table. 


Where we live we are lucky enough to see the most spectacular skies from our lounge window.  I had a job selecting one from my vast collection.


This photograph was taken just below The Strid on the River Wharf at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire,  one hot July afternoon.


I  have a file on my desktop labelled 'Favourites' and this is from that file.  This is a picture of our youngest grandchild playing with Roxy, our son and daughter-in-law's dog, taken about eight years ago.  I love the colour of the trees reflecting on the water and the contrast with the blonde hair and fair skin of 'Youngest'. (He is a taller and older now having just finished writing his GCSE's!! Today Roxy is a dignified 9 year old Chocolate Lab.) 


Not your usual type of dwelling place, I grant you, but different and colourful!  Taken from our lounge window. 


I have a strange garden, mostly on a tarred drive.  We are the end flat of four and so are able to use the driveway without blocking other residents.  The area is large enough to hold a greenhouse and shed as well as masses of pots, some with small shrubs or herbs, others filled with colourful annuals.  I have a frame holding troughs where I grow cut and come again vegetables and some annuals for colour.  I battle with the squirrels and blackbirds, the former digging up my plants to bury their peanuts and the latter digging for worms.  It is one constant battle of wits between them and myself.   We have also made a lower shade garden, accessed through the gate with the garden sign.  It is down a six step ladder to a cool selections of ferns and other shade plants with a path winding through them.


I found this gate and archway almost hidden by an overgrown climbing rose in the garden of the owner of the farm cottage where we always stay at Lowick, Northumberland. .


Am I alone is remembering that as a child I believed that fairies washed their faces in the dew drop in the centre of a leaf?

Own choice

This is the original Jak, our beloved old cat who lived till the age of 11.  In this photograph he is sleeping in one of his favourite places, on top of the shed roof. 


  1. Great to re-visit this photos again. My favourite is Youngest and Roxy.

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