Friday, 29 September 2017

September's Scavenger Photo Hunt

'A photograph inspired by a word,
words inspired by the photograph'
 As a change from my usual offerings most of my pictures were taken this month while on holiday in Northumberland.
Link  here to Hawthorn's page and see all the other entries.

1. (Open and) Shut 

We have just had a week's stay in a farm cottage in Northumberland and these two notices were on the doors of a store room, one on the entrance and the second on a door leading out of it. I could not resist entering both under the 'Shut' heading. 

2. Copper

All our Rhodesian copper is up in the attic - needs too much cleaning - but after wondering what on earth I could use I remembered I have a miniature copper coal scuttle in my greenhouse.  It belonged to my mother and I usually get it out at Christmas to do a greenery arrangement in the passage.  So after a quick clean with lemon and salt it came up beautifully.

Then a couple of days ago I suddenly realised that I wear copper bracelets all the time in the hope it will help my arthritis.  I had not even thought of them; there they were right under my nose.  


3. Wrist

This had me stumped for a while for although I have two of my own they don't photograph well, too ancient and wrinkly and then when I was in the Physio department at our local surgery I saw this picture on the wall and asked if I could take a photograph.  I  had to give an explanation.....think Physio thought I was a bit odd but anyway, I got my 'wrist' picture. 

4. Quarter

A quarter of a melon - just what was needed to end a lovely meal after spending the day on the beach. 

5. It starts with a C ... castle

Another view of the wonderfully imposing Bamburgh Castle taken from the village.  I use another view of the castle and beach in my banner heading.  The green lawn in front is part of a traditional looking cricket green, complete with wooden pavilion.  I'm sure the local ladies serve  tea and scones to the players during their tea break.

6. Foam

Taken on St Aiden's Beach near Seahouses in Northumberland.  This is Jess, our son and daughter-in-law's dog waiting for the stick to be thrown again. Jess had a wonderful time, even learnt to body surf whereas old Roxy had a gentle little swim and paddle still but loved her beach holiday.

7. Scarf (or a whole heap of them)

How can I choose one scarf when I have zillions.  I keep going through them to try and reduce the number but find I still use them all.  These are my lightweight summer/autumn ones, I have a whole drawer full of knitted or woven winter ones!!   I took them all of their hanger and put them on the bed and realised that I really do have zillions.

 Having taken a couple of pictures I hung them back neatly, colour graded, on the shower curtain rings I have on a coat hanger.

I then thought what a large amount of space they were taking up and thought of packing them away like the woollen ones, but have no empty drawers. Then a sudden brainwave.....a plastic box.

They are now all neatly folded into a box. B insisted I would not get them all in and to be honest I began to think he might be right but I managed and although they look tightly packed, being so soft and silky they easily allow my hands in to get a scarf out or put back in each time.

But I lie in bed and gaze at the empty side of the wardrobe I find I miss my lovely cloud of soft scarves but no.....they are tidy, they are all in one place I keep telling myself. :(

8. Line

As my theme this month seems to be Northumberland related I thought I would look for fishing line on the beach. Although disappointed I did not find any to photograph we were very pleased that there was no rogue discarded fishing line in sight.  I actually thought I had found some but as I untangled it with a stick I realised it was some sort of seaweed.  So here is a line of seaweed.

9. Nostalgic

I have many memories of the lovely week spent on our favourite beaches.  This one is taken on Cocklawburn beach near Berwick-on-Sea.  It is well known as the Fossil Beach but this time we did not see many, there had been a very high tide and the sand moved to cover many of the fossils in the rocks.  The distant figures are our son and his wife and their two dogs.  

10. My own choice

Many hours were spent on the beaches throwing sticks for the dogs.  Jess, sitting here, is young and strong, whereas Roxy is much older and not able to always get the stick.  So Jess has been taught to sit 'on the naughty step' while Roxy has her turn.  She sits obediently, watching everything that's happening, trembling with excitement and muttering........  It amused us so much, just watching her earnest face.

Memories of a lovely holiday.


  1. Lovely holiday memories and stories :) I always think of those seaweed 'lines' like signatures in the sand. Lovely photos of Jess x thank you for joining x

    1. Hope the pictures brought back happy memories of Northumberland for you too. xx

  2. Such lovely photos of Northumberland & your recent holiday. Wow, what a lot of scarves & now beautifully packed. Love your wrist one & so clever to think of it when at physio, which is one I struggled with too. Take care.

    1. Thanks, funny how we all struggled with 'wrist' yet we have two of our own! Next time you are here perhaps you can make time to visit Northumberland, a favourite of Kate's family and ours.x

  3. Top marks for the wrist pic, that was a hard one.
    We have similar photos for quarter and scarf, I have as many as you but mine are still in a mess! Super snap of the dogs.

  4. Yes, similar interpretations. I just love scarves and yours are an impressive looking lot. Having dogs on holiday at the sea is a must, especially if they are nutty water dogs like these two Labradors.

  5. Gosh you do have a lot of scarves!!! I only wear them when it is cold, ie, September to May!!!! I must get up to Northumberland as it seems so lovely. So hard to select my favourite but I will pick the last photo. So natural and calming.

  6. You would love Northumberland. ....long empty beaches, very little traffic and great big skies. Big farming area with massive silos and farm machinery. X

  7. Great photos Lots of pretty scarves

    Julie xxxxx

  8. I love your photo for nostalgic. I live very far from the sea and haven't seen it since last August so it's always a treat when I see coastal scenes on blogs. I liked your shot for wrist too!

  9. Lovely photos and interpretations, great to get the poster for Wrist and I like copper too. I love all your beach and seaside photos. Bamburgh is one of my favourite castles:)


  10. Thanks for your comments. We wish we lived closer to our beloved Northumberland but it is a four hour trip with all the roadworks on the A1M. One day they will be finished and that will cut the journey time for us.I

  11. A great set of photos, I like them all.. all those scarfs, and seeing Northumberlad many a happy holiday spent here.
    Amanda xx

  12. As you can see we really love Northumberland. Beach walks in the morning, picnic lunch watching the dog walkers on the almost deserted beaches then back to the cottage to sit in the conservatory to watch the overhead jets. Bliss.