Thursday, 18 March 2021

Kate's One Word Scavenger Hunt 19/03/2021


For the third week this month Kate has selected Sunrise/Sunset.  I have so many pictures particularly of sunsets taken from our lounge window that I have had a job to choose.  We can't see sunrises from our flat windows, just too far around the corner but I have quite a few taken from different watering holes on the site.  I take pictures off my computer screen with my smart phone.  So here are my selection for this week.

Sunrise over Tau Game Reserve, South Africa

The next set of photographs were taken out of our lounge window a few years ago.  It shows the sun gradually disappearing behind the horizon.  

 Sunset in over Weets Hill, Lancashire,  August 2013

One more week of Kate's One Word Scavenger Hunt before she hands over the reins to someone else due to her ever increasingly busy lifestyle.  Thanks again Kate for all the hours of pleasure you have given us over many years. 🧡xx 

 It will  officially be Spring by then as it is the Spring Equinox on Saturday 20th March.  So it will be all change.  See you then.  xxx  


  1. Have to say that the Lancashire sunset most definitely gives the African one a run for its money ... fabulous shots 😃

  2. Simple? Your post is delightful. Just love the series of sunsets taken from your window. x

  3. Oh my gosh - they're two beautiful sets of pictures - I love the sunset sequence - gorgeous. Yes, I'm going to miss Kate's nudges to get out and do something with my camera :)

  4. I like the sequence of shots as the Lancashire sun goes down but my favourite is the second African one :)

  5. Lovely sunset progression shots, I am always amazed at the intensity of the light at that time of day - beautiful xx

  6. Beautiful photos, I love seeing the progression of the sun rising and then setting. Both places show lovely views.

  7. Amazing photos

    Julie xxxxxxxxx