Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Julie's Advent Calendar 13 December 2017

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13  First Christmas Card arriving by post.

Our first card arriving by post is this one which arrived today............. a pretty little card with the address not quite right but as ever our fantastic postmen managed to deliver it correctly.

But when I opened it to see who is was from this is what I found........

nothing.....blank.....and what's more, neither of us or Hawthorn recognises the handwriting!!! 

Ah well, the thought was there.  It brought a smile to my face as it arrived just in time to make an interesting post!! 


  1. We've all done it! I remember sending one to my parents-in-law and all I wrote was love from Luckily they new it was from us because do the inside of the card and my husband does the envelopes so they recognised his writing

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Someone was obviously in a hurry to catch the post! I wonder if you will ever find out who sent it.

  3. That's brilliant ... something to ponder on til next year!