Thursday, 30 December 2021

Astrid's Photo Hunt for the week ending 31/12/2021


For this final challenge for 2021  Astrid has selected the word Celebration.  It is very topical for this time of the year, many people should be celebrating the New Year but the dreaded Covid has curtailed many celebrations.  We usually sit quietly at home watching terrible television till midnight when we watch the wonderful 10 minute firework display from London on the BBC but this year it has been cancelled again as normally thousands of people crowd the Embankment and other viewpoints to watch, ending up with a joint rendering of Auld ang Syne.  We watch the fireworks going off around us too as we have a good view of distant houses.

So not having New Year's celebration photographs I have searched my remaining archive to see what I could find so it is rather a random selection this time.

First celebration picture is of our old dog Max's birthday.  Looking at the photograph it must have been taken in  about 1970.  That is Kate on the right holding her black cat Sam with her brother D next to her.  I remember they upended a tin of dog food onto a plate and stuck candles on in.  Max obliged and age it, candles and all.  The other children are her friends from next door with their pets.  

The picture is not very good but like most of my pictures of that era it had gone many shades of purple and I have changed it to black and white.  

This picture was taken a couple of years ago on my birthday.  Kate had planned a family tea in her garden.  As always she had made delicious scones, biscuits and a birthday cake.  We sat out in her garden with all the family and had a lovely time. 

This was taken one year in our garden for Kate's birthday.  

and this for our daughter-in-law, fruit and icecream for a change.

The next photograph was taken when we were celebrating B's 80th birthday.  Youngest grandson had this card made using a picture of him giving his grandfather a birthday card 16 years ago in 2004. I must explain, he always insists he is the 'favourite Grandchild'!! 

After the first and hardest lockdown in 2020 we were allowed out and asked to support our local restaurants and we had a delicious lunch at a canal side pub down the road to celebrate being allowed out at last. 

Finally a celebration of new life at Cat Eye waterhole on the site.  These two baby impala seemed to look so innocent and vulnerable. 

Thank you Astrid for hosting the site for us.  It has been fun. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy 2022.   Take care, and be safe. 



  1. Lovely selection of celebration photos, the "favourite grandson" also insists he is the favourite child, the favourite brother and favourite boyfriend... His girlfriend managed to find some socks for him that said.... "The reasonably okay boyfriend" printed on them which tickled us somewhat!!

    1. Love the socks favorite grandson got from his GF!! Will have to keep an eye out for similar. xxx 🦴🧡 xx

  2. Some great celebrations there from the past and I love that last photo. Happy New Year and hopefully 2022 will be somewhat better than the past few. Take care & hugs.

  3. Happy New Year to you both too. Keep well and cool too!! xx

  4. One good thing about what’s happened over the last year is that we’ve all made a bit more use of our outside space. Your garden gatherings look great. Wishing you all the very best for 2022 💜

  5. You have ended on a high. Next time I see Hawthorn's Youngest I'll have to call him by his new name Favourite Grandson..... You certainly know how to have wonderful birthday teas, it all looks delicious and, of course, calorie-free. Take care; xx

  6. You certainly know how to celebrate in your family! And your youngest grandchild is something special.
    Thanks so much for joining in like you have, I hope you continue celebrating and making memories! Hugs to you.🥰