Friday, 30 July 2021

Astrid's Photo Scavenger Hunt for week ending - 30/07/21

This week's word is Bike.  I've been searching my archives and any pictures of my youth when I did own and use a bike regularly are just full of me riding my horses. I have plenty of my brother-in-law on his bike as a child but not of B.  So my pictures go back to when Katie was little.  None of her brother unless it was in his pedal car!!

This first one was taken in our garden in Connemara, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) when she was about 3 and still had balance wheels on her little bike. 

Here she is again now 4 years old, this time on her father's motorbike in Salisbury, Rhodesia (Harare, Zimbabwe).   Like many of our old photographs the colour is terrible and as I was fiddling around, making it lighter and clearer, I noticed her very little brother on the veranda behind her, in a bouncy chair.


This picture too has turned a sort of purple colour and I have had to fiddle around to make it almost black and white to be seen.  This time taken in Bulawayo when Katie was about 7 years old and loved this red bike she got for her birthday.  Among this lot of pictures is one of her brother - in his pedal car, again none of him on his bike!!
Note Katie's flares - very fashionable then and again now.

 We now move on many years, to when youngest grandson was learning to ride his bike with his Dad pushing him as all fathers have to do!!

Success - I love his little happy face - he looks so pleased with himself!!

And now he can go on proper bike rides with his big brother and Cleggy their dog. A most appropriate sign behind them!! 

This picture was taken in 2010 while we were staying in Pickering and spent the day in Scarborough.  I loved the flowers in the basket.

I photographed these motor bikes parked outside Winfields Sporting and Camping shop some years ago. 

Finally one taken in 2012 done for Trawden's Yarnival that was put on by Kate and her friends encompassing the whole village.  This was outside the village Community Centre. 

Well that's it for this week.  Sorry it's rather late especially as I have had the photographs ready for a couple of weeks, found them when searching for icecream.

Off to see what other's have posted.


  1. You have had to dig deep into the archives this week for some great photos. I find it’s always quite nice looking back through old photos as most of mine are digital and it’s the only time I get to look through them 😃

  2. Better late than never! I love all your stories. I see Youngest's dad was clean shaven then! I've 2 favourites, Kate on her red bike and Youngest smile of success. So many happy memories. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. Oh no, how did miss all these great bike photos?! I love the ones when Kate was little, and the newer ones with the grandchildren are precious too. Thanks for sharing them with us.