Thursday, 21 October 2021

Astrid's Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge for the week ending 22/10/2021


This week's word search brought up so many pictures that I could use for 'Costume' and next week's Halloween that I have had to just select a few or I would have none left for next week.  

The first picture is of our son and daughter-in-law's dear Roxy being 'cool man, just cool' in her cowboy hat and shades. 

The next picture is of a fabulous Viking warrior in an annual Garden and Scarecrow festival in a local village.  Such a lot of work has been done making this costume.

Papier-mache on balloons was used to make these Viking helmets.  The things I did for my grandchildren when they were younger.

What a wonderful headdress this is.  This is our son-in-law wearing a fantastic costume for one of their many Halloween parties.

A tradition started some years before had the men dashing down the hill late at night on the grandsons scooters, wearing their full fancy dress costumes.   This is not the local vicar but a friend wearing a borrowed cassock. 

Warming up for the big scooter challenge.

Unfortunately I do not seem to have a picture of 'the local vicar' in full flight down the hill as well but here is this brave warrior at full speed with his robes flying out behind him. 

That's my lot for this week.  Now off to see what other fantastic costumes others have found to use. 


  1. What a great selection. I know what you mean about having to limit your choice ,,, I was amazed at how much I found that would fit this weeks challenge … I didn’t think I would find any 😂

    1. Yes, plenty of choice for once. Looking forward to seeing your choices. 😃

  2. I did not know about the late night scooter 'race' - what a hoot. Now why didn't I think of costumes I'd seen at our local agricultural and garden shows over the years???? My favourite photo is Roxy, so tolerant! x

    1. It is annoying when you see what someone else has selected and realised you could have gone that way too!! Dear Roxy, she would do anything for D. 😀 x

  3. Oh no, I almost missed this one!
    Roxy looks adorable, like he wears that all the time.
    That Viking looks great and your grandchildren were lucky to have you make their helmets.
    The scooter challenge looks like fun, big boys having a good time! Was there beer involved?!

  4. Yes, definitely beer fueled!!