Thursday, 14 October 2021

Astrid's Photo Scavenger Hunt for the week ending - 15/10/2021

 This week the word selection is 'Purple'.  Not a problem I think, I have masses of 'purple' pictures, mainly of flowers.  So I decide to be clever and make a collage out of some of my flower pictures.  I have been sitting here for well over an hour trying to make one type of programme where my pictures are stored co-operate with the different collage programmes but except for managing one boring effort of four flower pictures I got nowhere.  So I have given that up till our next visit from Youngest Grandson who always manages to sort out my problems.

I love African Violets but lately have not been growing them.  I did not realise how good mine had looked years ago before I killed them off somehow.  Maybe I must try again.   Anyway, there is plenty of purple to be seen here.  

Then there is purple knitting.  The first picture was of some very tiny, one sided dolls/baby clothes I knitted for a washing line Kate was hanging up as part of a Yarnbombing she was organising at her local community centre as part of a Yarnival weekend.  They were only about 10 inches in size. My idea of knitting, quick and easy.

This is a picture of a beautifully soft and snuggly shawl Kate knitted for me.  I used to always think only old ladies wore purple but as I wear a lot of it these days I suppose I must admit to falling into that category.  Oh dear!!  


This was a patchwork knitted coat I saw someone wearing and I asked if I could photograph.

Why must florists artificially colour flowers.  It spoils them, they are beautiful enough without any help.

I was actually photographing the horse and trap at a tractor run through a local village.  I didn't notice the purple car until I was trawling through my photographs and my eyes were attuned to looking for the colour purple.

Purple on a this witches' dress in a lovely shop  at Witches Galore in Newchurch-in-Pendle also caught my eye.

This Streptocarpus Blue Frills has been the most wonderful little pot plant to grow.  It has come into flower in spring and keeps going till October each year.  I have had it since I was taller than Eldest Grandson when he gave it to me and that was years ago!! 

The next two pictures I have used before but I feel they belong here as they truly are purple.  The first was taken in The Shambles in York (my nose would itch) and the second is a little Christmas Heart Ornament that Kate made for us a few years ago and I love it so much.  It is amongst my favourite that I have kept now we have downsized to a much smaller table top tree. 

Finally, remember this........It was a extra birthday present for our son-in-law.  His birthday always comes in autumn when the main camping weather is over.  For the last couple of years we have given him his birthday present much earlier in the year so it can be used when they are out and about in their van.  In spite of his objections we always give him a little extra to open on his birthday and this year was no different.  The Lemon Bonbons were a suggestion from Youngest Grandson.

That's my lot for this week.  See you next Friday.  Keep well (we have both been triple Covid jabbed and had our flu vaccinations  as well so hope we will be fine) xx


  1. I did see a lady with purple hair yesterday and wondered if I should ask her if I could take a photo but decided against it. I’m going to have a look in the garden later to see what we still have that fits the bill for this weeks challenge 😃

  2. I agree - don't ask to take a photo of anyone these days. They may be 'offended'!!

  3. Great selection. I can't grow African Violets and did manage once with Streptocarpus but they all died. I don't bother with house plants now as I forget to water them or ignore the fact they need potting on! I tell a lie, I do have an orchid and it might be sending up a new flower stalk, a first for me. I'm keeping it all simple! I remember the 'flat' clothes and your dungarees inspired me to make one too, which I still have after moving here. Good memories. Thanks. x

    1. Hope your orchid does flower, I also have one that has finished flowering and have cut back. I hope I can get it to flower again. xx

  4. Yes you used to have loads of African violets (here in the uk and there in Africa)! The streptocarpus - if you ever have a 'spare' leaf, can I have a cutting :)

  5. I have just re potted the streptocapus yesterday and today it looks a little sad and stressed. But I will certainly find a leaf for you. xx

  6. Such a variety of purple, fun ones too! The little dress and the shawl are lovely, and I like that jacket too.
    I'm limited to plants that don't flower, they don't last for me!

    1. Thank you. Yes, we had lots of choice this week. Often non flowering plants are best, they seem be be tougher. 😃