Thursday, 1 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016

1st December, 2016

This is the first time I have joined in Julie's Advent Calendar, I'm looking forward to it and seeing every one else's pictures.   Those of you have been kind enough to look at Jak's Tails for the past few months will have realised I have called myself after Jak, our beautiful elderly black cat who we sadly had to put to sleep a couple of years ago.  So in his honour I will start off my Advent Calendar with a  photograph of him trying to decide whether to attack the tree or the parcels. I know that evil look in his eyes!! 


  1. Lovely memory of Jack. Years ago my friend had a little kitten. I went to visit said friend with two toddlers in tow, rang the doorbell , she answered and said come in quick we've lost the kitten but we know he is in the house somewhere, they had had this little kitten only a few weeks. I walked in and the first thing I said was I've found him as I stared at the top of the Christmas Tree and two big kitten eyes staring back, there he was sitting on the branches at the top of the tree with the angel!

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. I remember that evil look in his eye! The tree never stood a chance :) Right I am off to read the others on the advent blog roll xx

  3. Great photograph and a lovely memory to share. I have a cat with a similar look. I can't tell you how many times I found her sat in our tree last year. X

  4. Our cat's choice is pipe cleaners, Christmas ribbon and tinsel. Lovely to visit - I'll be back tomorrow.

  5. Just found out you are joining in with Julie's Advent calendar so it looks like I have about 16 days to play catch-up with! That's me in permanent catch-up mode..... I'll be back.