Thursday, 15 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016

15th December, 2016

Tomorrow we plan to put our tree.  It was Jak's best thing.  He would sit in the box and supervise.  Although he was never very destructive, I always put the non breakable baubles at the bottom.  He did climb up the centre once and had to be rescued but mostly it was grabbing the silver chains on the lowest branches or knocking off the lowest baubles and chasing them around the lounge.

Like all cats, Jak loved being warm and comfortable.  This picture typifies both perfectly. Icy weather outside and sleeping over the radiator inside.


  1. What a life! Did he ever fall off? Our tree is being dressed this weekend!

    1. Occasionally but as you know cats never fall off, it was something they had planned to do!!

  2. Christmas trees and cats!!! Know all about that as our two were fascinated when we put it up and when younger were a little naughty, but as they grew older, were much more well behaved. Take care.

  3. Jak was so cute; this year we have a Christmas tree (our first ever) but no cat which is just as well.