Friday, 16 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016

16th December, 2016

Several years ago a one eyed squirrel moved into our garden.  For obvious reasons we named him Nelson.  Not long after he brought in his lady friend who we naturally named Emma after Lady Emma Hamilton, Nelson's lady friend!  He was sadly run over on the main road just below us, no doubt his blind eye made it difficult to see the traffic.  Emma became so tame, first coming for nuts, then asking for them, and eventually would take them from our hand and even sat on Brian's lap whilst eating them.  After a few years she left.  But her daughter Little Em was just as tame.  It is strange - it is always the same, the mother chases away the male youngsters each autumn and stays for a couple of years then leaves the area for her daughters.  When it was extra cold Emma would come back for food, asking at the window each time. But she would never stay long. 

The picture below is of Emma.  She was so tame that she would come in the outer door of the flats where we live, walk along the communal passage and come right into our flat if the door was left ajar for Jak, the cat.  He had no problems with her outside......but she was not allowed into his home and would chase her out!!   In this photograph she is right at our window, that white mark on her chest is actually a leaf stuck on the glass.

I have just discovered that my computer has decided that all comments are spam.  I hope I have been through them all and published them so if you think I was ignoring your kind comments, I was not being is my new security programme.  I must find out how to sort out that problem.


  1. Oh how gorgeous and such a lovely story attached. Thanks Jak. Have a great weekend and take care.

  2. That is so sweet

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Right, got through the security - I am sure I was frisked! It is one of my favourite photos of your squirrels x

  4. Super photo and a great story; if I was not careful the pheasants would jump in through the patio doors in the kitchen in search of more wheat!

  5. We had a squirrel who used to sit outside the back door eating peanuts and our old cat Kitty just sat on the mat looking at it, mind you she was 14 (the cat) but this lot I have now chase them if they come anywhere near.
    I do like the squirrels they are so pretty but recently I found out that they take the eggs from the birds nests and wonder if that is the reason for the decline in the small birds around here. Doesn't stop me liking them though , its nature isnt' it?

  6. Oh what an adorable story! She is SUCH a pretty girl (and posing for the camera with head on one side too!!).I WISH I had a tame squirrel visitor!