Thursday, 22 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016



22nd December, 2016

I am sure many of you will  have seen Father Ted on TV and will remember the late Frank Kelly who played Father Jack.  But have you heard his version of the 12  Days of Christmas, Irish style.   Do listen and have a laugh!!  12 Days of Christmas, Irish Style.  

Poor Santa....


  1. Funny clipart! I'll go and have a listen to Frank Kelly's 12 Days of Christmas when I'm sitting her for a longer time! Just passing en route to my window seat where a coffee (made by Beloved) and 2 home-made minces pies await me! Plus I called in at College today and a textile friend there has left me some textile magazines to read. Ah bliss.

  2. The boys love anything 'Father Ted' so will play when they are all around and they can enjoy too :)

  3. Love the above and think I know which 12 Days of Christmas you mean, with the son who sends all the things and she is going nuts. If that is the one, they play it here on our community radio quite a bit at this time of the year. Did you get to listen to 6 White Boomers on a U-tube clip? We also have a good one about Santa arriving in a ute(pickup), which of course we all relate to here in Oz. Take care.