Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016

21th December, 2016

Its only 4.05pm and already cars have their headlights on, thank goodness that as from tomorrow days will be getting longer again, even if only by a few minutes at least it feels it is heading in the right direction.

So here is a drink to the gradual (very gradual) approach of spring.  Cheers!! 

Christmas 2012 I decided that I  had to find some Babycham for the now more grownup grandchildren.  I was allowed it at their age.  What a job, but we eventually found some at Tesco Skipton.   Well, it was not as delicious as I remembered it to be, boys were not that impressed and we definitely should have watered it down for them.   They got very giggly.   

Maybe somethings should be left as happy memories, they are better that way as they don't always turn out as you remember them to be!! 


  1. Never seen Babychamp & as I don't drink I'd probably not enjoy either. I was only thinking about our summer solstice whilst lying awake in bed & how the days would be getting shorter, but to think we are expecting 36deg on Xmas day & we've not had a "very" hot summer so far. It was cool again last night, but maybe we are in for a scorcher for the first few months of next year. Hope not. I'm enjoying your memories. Take care.

  2. Ha ha, that is funny, giggly boys! I don't drink and my husband has only seen me under the influence of alcohol once- we invited friends round to try proseccos for our wedding and I was told I had to try them! I just then giggled my way through the afternoon!

  3. It is funny (and a bit sad) how your memory does not match today's Babycham (or whatever). I put it down to the fact that I am convinced my memory is sound but my taste buds have changed!