Friday, 23 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016

23rd December, 2016

I have included some of our old tree decorations in earlier posts but those pictures were taken a few years ago. Now we have put our tree up and I have taken two more pictures to show you two more special tree ornaments.

The first is of a group of decorations wired together.  The two white bells are from 1960 but the yellow bell is very much older.  It is of brittle plastic and is from 1949.  We had more and they were considered very modern, plastic, not glass!!   The three have a tiny bit of tinsel wrapped around, it has tarnished and shrivelled with age but still very special to me.

My second picture is a complete change, my snowman is only a couple of years old and I just love him.  He looks as though he is made of icing and should be edible. 


  1. Lovely decorations. I actually thought I was looking at some of my bells, as I have a set of six of the white ones with silver glitter on the edge very similar and were bought in the early 70's. The little yellow one is the same age as me. Hope no-one tries to eat the snowman, but he is cute. Take care.

  2. Love vintage decorations. The snowman is wonderful

    Julie xxxxx

  3. I agree, your snowman does look edible. There is something lovely about treasured tree decorations.

  4. We have a set of 'vintage ' bells that Ho up every year, not sure how old they are though, must show you on Sunday coz you might know x

  5. Wow, what a memory jogger. I remember exactly the same white bell decorations when I was very small. No idea what happened to them.