Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Julie's Advent Calendar for 2016

13th December, 2016

I don't know about you but my family don't all like the traditional Christmas Pudding so I always have to have an alternative.  Last year I made Mary Berry's Christmas Meringue Wreath.  I had seen her demonstrate on her TV programme and it looked fairly easy.  I did not have a large enough plate to put it on so used a silver tray.  I reduced the recipe from 6 egg whites to 4 and all the other ingredients proportionally and it was plenty for us with left overs for the next day.  I can't find my photograph of the actual meringue wreath I made but have this composite picture made by Hawthorn.  This is the link to the recipe. 

Mary Berry's Christmas Meringue Wreath

Go on, try it, it was so easy that when Eldest grandson asked for the same for his 18th birthday I again looked up Mary Berry's meringue tranche - which was the same but in two straight pieces joined together with the cream before assembling onto a plank of wood covered with silver foil. 

18th Birthday version. Mary Berry's Meringue Tranche


  1. We also don't necessarily have Xmas pudding, as you'd well know it is quite warm here over that period. DD intends to make a Pavlova this year & I'll make a cheesecake, as we'll be there for lunch & tea. I do have a much lighter version of a fruit pudding that you make in the slow cooker. It's really good & sometimes I make it for New Year instead. Love the 18th birthday version. Take care.

  2. Oh I remember how yum that was - and with eldest's version, can you remember how the candles took three people to light and when he blew them out they went out like a tsunami wave! I only wish I'd filmed that bit rather than snapped pictures - a good excuse to make another!

    1. Yes, when can we make another? Gosh it is nearly his 19th NINETEENTH Birthday. Wow. xx

  3. Why oh why can't I put my hand into the photo and cut a slice off to sample?? One day the internet might get really clever (and useful) so you'd better make a 6 egg white one next!